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[Tract] I Wear Other Men’s Underwear

I wear other men’s underwear. Yeah, I know that sounds gross, but it’s true. My wife bought me underwear from our local Goodwill store. It’s nice underwear, but it’s pre-owned. It was kind of weird to think that another man wore them before me, but we washed them, so, for me, it wasn’t too big a deal…

BUT if they were soiled clothes, that would be an entirely different story. Imagine having to put on the clothes of a man who, in a drunken stupor, had fallen in the mud, soiled his pants, and puked on his shirt. This is a horrific thought, but it’s pretty much what Jesus did for us when He died for us on the cross.

We are like drunken men who, in our own sins, have soiled our souls. All the dirty things we have said, done, and looked at have made us filthy inside. God, in His purity, could never allow us to enter His Kingdom in such a state. Hell would be the only fitting destination for us.

But thank God for His mercy! The Bible says the Jesus ‘became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.’ That means that Jesus wore our dirty clothes. All the dirty things we did fell on Him. He took on our sin as if He were the one who did the wrong. Then He was crushed by the wrath of God in our place. He died for us so we could live.

After this, so that no one could ever doubt His power and authority, He rose from the dead. 

God is truly merciful, we can’t clean up ourselves, but He has provided for us new clothing, washed white as snow. We must forsake our sin and believe in Jesus. When we do, God will forgive us our sins and grant us everlasting life.

But don’t presume that His offer stands forever. He is a great King and expects your obedience today. Eternal life is for those who embrace His gracious gift, but eternal torment for those who reject it. Don’t reject Him. Call upon Him in prayer, today.  He will surely answer you.


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