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  • December Newsletter 2020

    December 31, 2020 by

    A NEW YEAR. I think that many of us are glad for a new year to come. Though we are yet to behold what 2021 might bring, 2020 was a rollercoaster that most of us are ready to get off of. And although 2021 is uncertain, and although we know that  difficult days are ahead… Read more

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  • Should Christians Support the Death Penalty?

    December 16, 2020 by

    Capital Punishment is a current hot button political issue. The question is this: Is the death penalty archaic barbarism that should end with the likes of slavery and medieval torture? or is it an acceptable and necessary form of punishment for a civilized society? The debate rages in our political spheres, but more specifically for… Read more

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  • November Newsletter 2020

    November 30, 2020 by

    Thankful. One thing should never change in the life of a Christian, and that is the practice of thanksgiving. “In EVERYTHING give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Giving thanks is not just a nice thing for us to to do, it is a sure… Read more

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  • October Newsletter 2020

    October 30, 2020 by

    The Future of Our Nation I am pessimistic about the future of our nation. I do not believe that we will have a great nation-wide revival (although we could). I do not believe that our nation will continue much longer as the great powerhouse that it has been.  But this does’t mean that I don’t… Read more

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  • Can a Christian be a Democrat? [Video]

    October 20, 2020 by

    What party should a Christian vote for? In this video, I seek to demonstrate how it has become increasingly more difficult to be both a Democrat and a follower of Christ. I have no desire to be political, but I do have a desire to help people, and to build the kingdom of God. An… Read more

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  • September Newsletter 2020

    September 29, 2020 by

    Praying for our Nation. In about a month, we all head to the polls to vote in the midst of a political climate that is more volatile than we have ever experienced in our lifetime. Satan has done a superb job of stirring up strife like never before. More and more Americans are looking at… Read more

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  • Can a Christian be a Democrat?

    September 15, 2020 by

    Can a Christian be a Democrat? It’s not fun to write so plainly on an issue like this. I don’t mean to cause division or stir up hard feelings. However, I do think that it is necessary to be plain and speak clearly, in a spirit of love, on issues that are important and that… Read more

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  • August Newsletter 2020

    August 31, 2020 by

    Enduring Through Challenges. In our family Bible reading time, we have again come to my favorite story in the scripture, the story of Joseph. I consider it to be among the greatest of all stories. It is a story of betrayal, of suffering, of endurance, and, ultimately, of great triumph. What’s remarkable about the story… Read more

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  • Overcoming in modern America

    August 8, 2020 by

    He who overcomes shall not be hurt by the Second Death – Revelation 2:11 In speaking to the church in Smyrna, Jesus praised His people for their faithfulness to the gospel in the midst of persecution. He also warned them of a coming persecution, one that would be much worse than the one that they… Read more

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  • June / July Newsletter 2020

    August 2, 2020 by

    “Work with Your Own Hands” In the last few months, my wife and I have learned the joy of what it means to ‘work with your own hands’ more than ever before. We both have always had jobs where we would work on the computer, do customer service, or, of course, ministry work. But we… Read more

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  • May Newsletter 2020.

    June 1, 2020 by

    It’s HAPPENING…. In my last newsletter, I shared with you our plan to go mobile by moving into an RV and traveling throughout the country.  Well, we are now very close.  As you know, we have been hard at work to get our house on the market. We weren’t sure how much our house would… Read more

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  • March 2020 Newsletter

    March 31, 2020 by

    COVID-19, A Taste of What’s to Come. The Coronavirus has upended our lives, kept us indoors, and brought about a time that most of us have never expected. In my home state of Maryland, the governor has issued an order for Maryland residents to stay home or face the possibility of a fine of $50,000… Read more

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  • February Newsletter 2020

    February 27, 2020 by

    Reaching Hundreds Everyday The world is indeed different than it has ever been. With the rise of the internet, lifestyles have changed substantially. It is now perfectly possible to never leave your house and yet make a good living. It is also perfectly possible to never leave the house for any reason. Literally everything a… Read more

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  • Should we Fear God?

    February 26, 2020 by

    “In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, And His children will have a place of refuge.” – Proverbs 14:26 There have been a lot of misconceptions about the fear of God. Some would go to the extreme of saying that we ought not fear God at all, because ‘perfect love casts out… Read more

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  • Would Jesus have Spanked His Kids?

    February 5, 2020 by

    I recently read a comment on a video I was in that went something like this, “Minister: ‘I try to raise my children according to the Bible.’ Also Minister: ‘I spank my kids.’” In other words, this commenter seemed to think it quite the contradiction that a person who claims to follow the teachings of… Read more

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  • January Newsletter 2020

    February 1, 2020 by

    Cutting Out Parts of the Bible Is the Word of God worth defending? Are there some parts, which might taboo in the world today, better left out of public conversation? Should we shy away from talking about certain issues because they might offend someone?  There’s a great temptation among Christians to hold back in silence… Read more

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  • Money, Spanking, and Biblical Truth

    January 15, 2020 by

    What if your stance on Biblical truth jeopardized your livelihood? Would you stay silent? Should we speak freely regarding all Biblical truth? Is it ok to shy away from certain issues to avoid suffering and loss? These are questions that we need to take really seriously right now. There are many Christians who are being scared into… Read more

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  • Free-Range Parenting – Is it a Good Idea?

    January 15, 2020 by

    There has been a growing trend in parenting. It’s raising what’s called ‘free-range’ kids. The idea is similar to chickens. Chickens are often cooped up in a… coop. These coops are where most of us get our eggs from. However, there has, over the last few decades, appeared on the shelves of our grocery stores… Read more

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  • I Did A Survey on Spankings…Look What I Discovered

    January 7, 2020 by

    Have you heard about the latest study that has come out on spanking? What were the results? “Spankings are ineffective and harmful for children” is the usual answer. I have nothing against studies, but these studies have always been suspect to me. I myself was spanked as a kid. I didn’t turn out so great… Read more

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  • December Newsletter 2019

    December 30, 2019 by

    2019 is past,  2020 has come. I want to take the first part of this newsletter to issue a hearty THANK YOU for all of you who have partnered with me in this ministry. The Lord spoke to the heart of many of you, and you gave. This has meant a lot to my family,… Read more

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  • Was the Holocaust the Judgment of God?

    December 3, 2019 by

    That on you (Pharisees) may come all the righteous blood shed on the earth Jesus (Matthew 23:35) It’s not popular to talk about the judgment of God, especially in the circle of Christians that I have typically run with. This is partly due to error regarding the judgment of God, with some going so far to… Read more

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  • November Newsletter 2019

    November 27, 2019 by

    Thanksgiving is Much More Important than You Think. Thanksgiving. I don’t mean the day. I mean the act—the act of giving thanks. Its importance can’t be emphasized enough. The sin of failing to give thanks to God is among the very first things that trigger the downward spiral of an individual, and of a nation.… Read more

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