Stir yourself up

“And there is none that calleth upon thy name, that stirreth up himself to take hold of thee…”

Isaiah 64:7

This verse shows the responsibility is laid upon us to motivate ourselves to seek after God.  We need to call upon His Name!  We need to stir ourselves up! This is so important!

Paul tells Timothy to “stir up  the gift of God, which is in thee.”   Stir it up!  It’s in you! Stir it up!  Get it moving!

True Christianity is all about freshness.  God’s word is eternal and never changes, but it always needs to be fresh and timely.  There’s something about freshness that is exciting.

But freshness takes work.  It’s easy to get lazy and let things go.  A garden is a perfect example of this.  Most people find it easy to get excited about planting a garden.  They till the ground, get rid of the weeds, plant the seeds and flowers and water it.  Ahhhh, it looks so fresh.  But it won’t stay that way by itself.  Now you need to get out there everyday and weed it and water it.  You need upkeep.

Thats what christians must learn – upkeep.  Thats what I must learn to be better at.  This is unfortunately one of the areas of my life that I struggle with the most.  I’m good at starting things, but not so good at keeping it exciting.  God help me with this.

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