Enjoy all the days of your meaningless life…

Ecclesiastes 9:9 Enjoy life with your wife, who you love, all the days of this meaningless life that God has given you under the sun – all your meaningless days.

Is life meaningless? To those without Christ, yes it is. Why?

If you read the book of Ecclesiastes you will see why. The book of Ecclesiastes in the bible is a book that basically talks about what life is like without a relationship with God. Its a book where the author reflects on the vanity (meaninglessness) of life. He talks about how everything in life is overrated and nothing really makes you happy. And this comes from a guy who has literally tried it all.

Solomon was the richest man in the world. He had all the women he wanted. He built stuff, he indulged in every kind of pleasure, he had servants, he had huge houses and castles, he had whatever he wanted. But this is what he found out: it’s all meaningless. It’s usually only the rich who figure this out. That’s because a lot of poor people are thinking, “if I were only rich, I’d be happy.” Rich people have found out that it isn’t true.

Life seems meaningless when you really stop to think about it. You live. You die. You do stuff in-between. After you are gone, you are gone, most likely forgotten. Sure the things you did might benefit someone, but eventually they die, too. Whether they have a happy life or a sad life, whether they are rich or they are poor, they all face the same fate. Whether you work hard or become lazy, whether you do good or become a hardened criminal, that same fate awaits you. And then you consider all the hardships of life and all of the evils that happen – like a young person dying as a victim or crime, or mad man killing hundreds of innocent people and then killing himself. They all die, the good with the bad, what justice is there in that? The same fate came to the good as well as to the evil. Does it seem fair? And what if you go through your whole life thinking you are doing something good and it turns out to be nothing, or all the work you’ve done comes to nothing. How meaningless is that? How fair does that seem?

That’s life without God.

Only with God can anything come to make sense. Otherwise life is meaningless and the only logical conclusion would be to, “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” Or basically, ‘live it up,’ while you have the chance because tomorrow may never come. And sadly to say, this is where much of our culture is. They live for the now, and the now only. Because if there is no tomorrow, it makes sense to live for the now.

But there is a tomorrow. Even if the earth is burnt up, there is a tomorrow for everyone. And when that day comes, all of heaven and earth will stand before a great Judge and give an account for what they have done upon the earth, and there will be no excuses.

So, what are you living for? Today or Tomorrow? Living for today is meaningless, but living for tomorrow is full of purpose and brings great reward.

4 thoughts on “Enjoy all the days of your meaningless life…

  1. God will torture most of humanity in a dark, blazing fire pit for all of eternity… they will scream for relief, but he will not help. Life makes complete sense now.


  2. God judges the wicked. Any just judge has to do that. The great part is that if you receive his gift than you won’t have to be judged. And just because your standards are different than God’s doesn’t mean you have an excuse for disobeying.


  3. “Sure the things you did might benefit someone, but eventually they die, too.”

    I am saddened to think that this is how anyone thinks about charity and morality. It seems to me that the finite-ness of it makes it all the more precious, but whatever…


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