Do babies go to Hell?

we judge thus: that if One died for all, then all died. 2  Cor 5:14

Do babies go to Hell?

Too many Christians have the ridiculous idea that some of them do. But if you read the bible for yourself you will be able to clearly see that to believe such a notion is beyond comprehension.

If you look at our title scripture you will notice that Paul says that ‘all died.’  (Paul is not talking about physical death, but spiritual death. )  Let me ask you this question: what does it mean to die?  The simple answer is that it means to cease to be alive. So then, to ‘die’ implies that you where once alive, does it not? Of course it does. You can’t die if you were never alive.

Now remember that I am speaking spiritually.  The word ‘death’ means to be ‘separated.’  When you die physically your body and spirit become separated from each other.  Without your spirit your body is dead (James 2:26).  Now your spirit doesn’t cease to exist. No, it leaves this world for the next.  Even so, spiritual death is the separation of your spirit from God.  Your sin separates you from God and you become spiritually dead.  If you continue this state of spiritual death and never accept Jesus’ sacrifice for your sins then when you die physically your spirit will depart to Hell.  But if you accept the sacrifice that Jesus made, then your sins are taken away.  Therefore, because there is no more sin to separate you from God, you are now spiritually alive.  When you die physically your spirit will depart for Heaven.

Before we go any further let’s define sin. The bible says that sin is lawlessness (1Jn 3:4).  ‘Lawlessness’ means to live or to act with disregard to the law.  For example if you run a stop light, you have acted with disregard to the law. You have sinned against the government who established that law.  According to the bible, if you murder someone for example, then you have committed sin, you broke God’s law, you committed lawlessness, that is, you acted with disregard for the law.

We are all born with a disposition to sin. We have inherited a corrupt flesh from our father Adam and therefore sin comes easily to us.  As a matter of fact, we start sinning from childhood.  Children tend to lie and take and hit and act selfishly and so on. BUT, God does not hold that sin against them. Why? Because they are not old enough to understand what sin is. Look what Paul says:

sin is not imputed when there is no law.  Rom 5:13.

That means that God doesn’t count your sin against you when you genuinely are unaware of His law.  God knows all hearts and He knows when you finally come to the age where you fully understand what sin is.  Once you understand, then you are held responsible for your sin.

This is practiced somewhat today in our judicial system.  If you commit a crime in your youth the punishment from the government is never as severe as when you are an adult.  They are, in a way, practicing this same principal that God practices.  The same is true with mentally ill people. A mentally ill person will usually get a much lesser punishment for a crime then a person of sound mind (I know that this is abused in the U.S. judicial system, but God really knows if someone is mentally ill or not).

Paul attests to all this when he says:

I was alive once without the law, but when the commandment came, sin revived and I died. Rom 7:9

So you can see that Paul was spiritually alive at one point in his life until ‘the commandment came.’  This verse most likely refers to the point in his life when he finally become old enough to understand the law of God.  If Paul would have physically died before ‘the commandment came’ he would have died in a state of spiritual life.

Thus, the biblical reason that babies do not go to hell.  It’s foolish to think that you have to baptize a baby for him or her to go to heaven. That would mean that babies that die on the way to church would be going to hell. HOW STUPID!  No, God does not count sin against those that cannot understand His law.

But even so, the death of a child is very tragic. God’s plan is for us to live a full life here first, and then depart to Glory.  But because of this fallen world and because of a fierce enemy, sometimes tragedy strikes. However, we can be assured that any child who dies in his innocence will meet us in our heavenly country when our life on earth is complete.

So rest assured that if you have ever had a child that passed away that God is caring for him or her.  This should be even more of a motivation for you to finish your course here on earth so that you can be sure to be with them when your time is come.