Jesus: God and Man fused together:

[Jesus], being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. And being found in the appearance as a man… Phil 2:6-7

I’ve always been fascinated with what Jesus is. I have thought about it before, but never have brought science into the equation until I was meditating on Philippians 2:6-7 recently.  It is very interesting to be able to combine what the bible says with what we know through science.

Before I get to my limited knowledge of science, I would like to analyze what this passage is saying about Jesus:

1 – Jesus existed “in the form of God” before He was born. The bible says that He “did not consider it robbery to be equal with God,” which means that Jesus didn’t think it was a crime to be God’s equal, because He was/is God’s equal – being God Himself.  God has the uncanny ability to be in different places at the same time in different forms. He is one God, but distinctly three different persons in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; just like the Holy Spirit is one Spirit (Eph 4:4), but can dwell inside of every believer on the face of the earth. How is that possible? I don’t know.  But the truth of the bible is that Jesus has always been around, maybe not by the name Jesus, but around nonetheless.  The bible says that all things were made through Him and without Him nothing was made that was made (John 1:3). The bible says that He is “before all things, and in Him all things consist.” And “by Him all things were created’ (Col 1:15-18). Sounds like God to me.

2 – Jesus ‘took on the form of a man’ at a certain point in time. This means that although Jesus now exists as a human and will always be that way, it was only that way since 4 B.C. Jesus wasn’t always a man.  This is truly the story of how God became a Man.

As I pondered this, I began to think about what the bible has to say about this and what science has to say about the process of bringing a human being into the world, because that’s the path God chose to bring Jesus into the world.  Jesus came out of a birth canal, just like you and I.  And Jesus had to be certain things to fulfill God’s promises.  He had to be a descendant of Abraham (Gen 22:18, Gal 3:16), for example, and the seed of a woman (Gen 3:15).  So considering these things Jesus had to be born of Mary’s egg.  If He wasn’t, He wouldn’t have really been a descendant of Abraham and he wouldn’t have been born of the seed of the woman. Mary would just have been a surrogate mother and He would have had no real relation to Abraham.

So what happened?  I believe that God’s 23 divine chromosomes joined together with the egg’s 23 chromosomes. Together they fused into an inseparable, fully human, fully divine cell.  That cell grew and divided and formed the God-Man. To try to separate Jesus’ humanity and divinity would be like trying to reach into a fresh brewed cup of coffee and take the coffee out but leave the water in!

Pretty cool!

And now that that fusion has taking place, it can never be undone. Jesus will always be a human. He still is in the body that He has had since birth and will be forever. It’s now a glorified body, but the same body nonetheless, with the same marks from that old rugged cross.  And we will see Him in that body one day, and we also will receive our upgraded bodies.  It will be a glorious day.

One thought on “Jesus: God and Man fused together:

  1. “ok” Pretty deep stuff Hal,
    Its still hard for some, to get their heads around the fact that, Jesus was God in the flesh , “the veil” and to understand that this was and is God’s plan, of salvation for mankind. and Jesus said as much. when asked when they might see God the farther, his reply was
    “have you been this long with me (Christ) and yet you do not know me????
    Powerful stuff. Bill Parker


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