A prayer of praise

God, I love you so much. You are my everything. All the day I think of you. Your goodness fills my heart. You are the longing of my heart. This world leaves me empty and dry, but you, O Lord, are my fulfillment. In you I find true joy and peace. My happiness only comes from you. My strength only comes from you. Truly you are my tower of strength. I run to you when I am weak. I seek you when I am weary. My soul is refreshed by your presence and I increase in strength. I go forth like a mighty lion in your strength. In you, I fear no man or no thing. You are my mighty Rock. In you I put my trust at all times. O save me God from every temptation and every evil. Preserve me for your heavenly kingdom. Watch over me for good. Discipline me as your son whom you love, that I may be a partaker of your holiness. In you, O God, I find strength alone. Save me O God!