Why Jesus?

Why is Jesus so important? What makes him different than any other man? Can’t I have a relationship with God some other way?

The truth is that Jesus is the only way for anyone to approach God, and the only hope for eternal life. In the following I will explain why.

God is a just God. That means that God is perfectly fair. He’s a great judge, and just like any good judge, he must be perfectly fair. He must condemn those who have done evil, and acquit those who are innocent. What would you say of a judge that let a murderer go free? And what would society be like if criminals went free? There would be corruption and chaos.

God must punish sinners (those who break His law). If He didn’t, then all of eternity would be riddled with corruption and evil. This is bad news for you and I, for, according to God’s standards, we are sinners. When we hate, God says we are murderers, and when we lust, God says we are adulterers. We all have lied, stolen, cheated, put other things before God, treated people with contempt, ignored the needy, lusted, hated, and the like. God can’t let any of that into heaven. And even if you’ve just broken one law, you’re guilty of breaking the whole thing- just like a small crack still breaks the whole mirror.

So we deserve Hell…

However, just as God is perfect justice, He is also perfect love.

Love doesn’t want anyone to go to Hell. This puts God in a dilemma (I speak in human terms). He wants to forgive sinners, but He can’t. If He did, there would be no justice, and corruption would be rampant throughout all eternity. Even if the sinner was truly sorry and would truly change (and God knows the hearts of all), God still couldn’t forgive him – justice demands a punishment – the fine must be paid – for God must demonstrate fairness, and it’s only fair for a criminal to pay for his crime.

This is where Jesus comes in: what if God could demonstrate His justice and forgive sinners at the same time? God, in His great wisdom, has made this possible through Jesus.

Jesus is different from any other man because he is Emmanuel, which means “God with us.” God the Father sent his Son; he took on human flesh. He called Him “Jesus,” which means, “the Lord saves.”  Jesus (who broke none of God’s laws) offered Himself up willingly to the brutal punishment of the cross.  God struck him – punished him. He didn’t punish him for anything that he did, but He punished him for us. He was sinless, but died as a sinner so we wouldn’t have to.  God demonstrated His justice on Jesus, so He could pour out His love upon us.  That’s great news!

Now you can see why no person can have a relationship with God any other way. Jesus is the way.

“I am the way, the truth, and the the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” – Jesus (John 14:6)

So what must you do? You must repent – which means to be truly sorry for your sin and to turn away from it. And you must put your faith in Jesus.

Jesus died for the very purpose of bringing us to God, but that wasn’t end of Him. He rose from the dead and walked out of His tomb! He rose up to heaven and sat down next to God the Father. God the Father has given Him great honor and glory, and now has committed all judgement to Him. He is now the head of all His people – those who have been born again – those whom He calls the church – those who have been forgiven of all sin, and given a place with Him in heaven: YOU, if you put your trust in him.

God is eager to forgive sinners. Call upon Jesus today. Turn away form sin and trust in Him. The moment you do that you will be given new heart, a heart that desires righteousness. God will forgive you all sin, give you the gift of the Holy Spirit, and grant you everlasting life. Trust in Him today!

(If you made a commitment to Christ, please contact me and let me know! I would love to rejoice with you. God bless!)


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