November Ministry Update! Spain, and the Beginnings of Ministry in the States

The past month has been a whirlwind! As of last month, I officially handed the youthdsc_0666 ministry over to my successor and began to launch into full-time evangelism. It’s been a scary and exciting time. It’s scary in that I’m giving up a good job, with consistent pay, to pursue an avenue that offers no guarantees.  It’s exciting in that I recognize that this is what I was made for. I have no doubts that this is what God has called me to do.

In mid-October, I left the shores of North America for the first time to head to Spain. But before I go into details about my trip, I want to give a bit of a backstory:

I’ve long felt called to this type of evangelism (open-air, in the streets). I shared this fact with a fellow minister at my church soon after I was hired three years ago. He happened to be connected to a media ministry in Madrid, Spain. And having been to Spain several times, he knew of another ministry that also happened to be in Madrid, a ministry that was doing exactly what I wanted to do. It’s called On The Red Box. I was immediately interested.

Shortly after this, a new youth pastor moved to a neighboring church. This new youth pastor just so happened to be the son of the man who started and ran the On the Red Box ministry in Madrid! What??

These providential events led to my trip to Spain.

Spain was an amazing and fruitful time! I recently had the opportunity to share my experience in Spain with my church. Instead of writing it all out, I’m posting the video here.

Back in the States

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-11-33-30-amAfter I got back from Spain, I was fired up for what the Lord has called me to do here. Soon I’ll be modeling the type of ministry I learned in Spain, but I still have some bridges to cross in the coming weeks before I get there. However, I have been speaking at a few university campuses, which has been great. I’ll post one of the videos at the end of this article.

I’ve also been actively working on making short teaching videos. I’m really excited about this aspect of the ministry, as well! I love so much to study the Word, and often get so much out of it, that it’s great to have an avenue to share. I’ve blogged for a long time, but people don’t read as much anymore. I’ll continue to blog, but short teaching videos on YouTube will also be a big part of what I do. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with me there! (One of the videos I’ve done is below).


I’m humbled and blessed at the support I have received already! God is good! I have chaffee-family
already received enough money to carry the ministry along for three months! We’ve also received many monthly donors, for which we are thankful. Beyond the three months, we still need monthly donors to completely our annual budget. We are currently at $1,268 a month and we need to be at $4,200. Help us reach this goal! If you can’t do a lot, just a little will be much appreciated! Click here to give!

Pray for me!

Please keep me in your prayers! I really do covet your prayers. They make a big difference! Pray that God would give me wisdom, that He would direct my steps, that He would increase my burden for the lost, and that I would be found faithful before Him in the last day.

Thank you! I’m praying for you!

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Videos are blow:

The video below is a recording of me preaching at the University of Maryland, College Park. We were put in a obscure location by the University, but there were people still listening from a distance.

The follow video is a teaching video that I made for YouTube. I hope to make these more polished and more often in the future.

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