September Newsletter

An Unexpected Ministry

As many of you know, I write blogs fairly regularly. I have been writing since 2008 and Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 11.12.15 AMhave over 300 articles written. They aren’t often read by the general public, but my primary reason for writing them was not to have them read, but for my own personal study (of course, I’m glad when someone reads them). However, one of my blogs has recently become VERY popular! I wrote a blog called ‘How to Spank Your Kids the Right Way’ back in 2013. Somehow this blog started ranking as one of the top search results in Google. When someone searches for ‘how to spank your kids,’ my blog is one of the top results! This has opened a huge door for ministry opportunity! I receive questions daily from frustrated parents. I do my best to minister to them with the little bit of wisdom the Lord has given me through the scriptures. I’ve received some great feedback: “[This is] a message I desperately needed today. My four year old got the very first spanking of her life today. She got her age across her bottom with a ruler because she would not come inside when I told her too, repeatedly. Her obedience had been terrible for quite some time, and I finally admitted what I’ve known all along. God is right, not the doctors, and she needed her bottom spanked… desperately. Thank you so much.”

Ministry at the University

Halle begged to come with me to the Univesity. She is a sweetheart!

I’m not gonna lie! Ministry at the college campus is tough! I’m fighting constant spiritual battles within and without! I’ve tried to get away from doing ministry at UD, but the Lord hasn’t let me yet! I feel strongly that UD is where I need to be for the time being. In other places (like the boardwalk) I would get good crowds and have lots of conversation, but at UD it’s much more difficult. I’m currently doing a lot of praying and seeking on how best to reach these students. In a moment of frustration during prayer, a scripture came to me: “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you.” This is the message I received at that moment: “Keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking–the way will be opened. It will come if you don’t give up.” 

I have, however, come to the realization that not everyone will come to the Lord. This was a hard truth to accept. I’ve always thought that if we could just preach good enough, just pray enough, just create the right kind of atmosphere, then everyone would get saved. I’ve often prayed, “Lord, if people could just see you for who you are, they would accept you!” But that’s not the truth. Jesus was the perfect representation of God upon the earth, yet He was rejected by the world and by His own people. Even after great miracles they still did not believe. Why? Because they didn’t want to believe. Believing meant giving up their sin, their pride, their way of life. I face this same spirit at the college campus. These students are ‘the rich.’ They have money, they are rich in good looks, they are rich in intellectual power.  They are like the rich young ruler, who turned away from the Lord because of his love for this world. Jesus spoke about him, and about many today: “How hard it is for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God!” This makes me weep. It really does. Those that think they have it all really have nothing. 

Yet, despite this, there are still many who will be saved. It won’t be the majority, but God has His remnant in every place. Believe with me that God will show me the way to better reach the students at the University.

Partner with us!

God has been so faithful to us! We have stepped out in faith and God has provided. Every month our bills have been paid. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We are still looking for some faithful partners to join us in this ministry! Your financial gifts make a big difference. Click here to give. God Bless you!

2 thoughts on “September Newsletter

  1. “This has opened a huge door for ministry opportunity! ”
    I’m just curious. I read your other blog, it’s amazing. But I am curious to hear about your new ministry. What exactly did you mean by that?


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