I Love Backwards Me [tract]

I love the backwards version of me. Perhaps it’s because that’s the person I’ve looked at the most for all of my life. When I look into a mirror I see a guy that no one else really sees. I must admit, I think he’s a pretty good looking guy.  But it’s strange, because whenever I see myself in a photograph, I am appalled! And whenever I take a selfie, even though I have a perfect shot framed, my phone flips the picture around to reveal some kind of monstrosity. What’s the deal here?

I don’t know if others are like this too, but this is a good illustration on how most people view themselves morally. The Bible says that most people will proclaim their own goodness. In other words, most people will say that they are a pretty good person. This is quite popular in the world today.  But the Bible says something quite different. Instead of saying that we are all good, it says that we are all fundamentally flawed.  It’s like when I look at myself in the mirror. I see myself backwards, but the reality is something else.

Jesus said that there is a problem with the heart of mankind that must be corrected.  With a little bit of reflection, you can see this is true. We generally find it easier to hate than to love, easier to take than to give, easier to lie than to be truthful, easier to rebel than to be agreeable, and easier to hold grudges than to forgive. Most people embrace what’s easy, and because of that, we have a world full of hatred, violence, greed, and the like.

It is for this reason that God sent His Son into the world. Jesus came so we could look at Him as the example of goodness and not ourselves. When we compare ourselves to Him we fall woefully short. However, Jesus expressly said that He did not come to condemn, but to save. In fact, Jesus offered His life as a sacrifice on a cross for the purpose of transforming us into His image. In other words, Jesus died for our sins, in our place, as a substitute for our punishment, and then rose from the dead; now He offers us the free gift of righteousness (that is, good-person-ness, if you will) to all who believe.

Being a good person is not about WHAT you are, but WHOSE you are. WHAT we are is sinful. But if we cling to Christ, He imparts HIS goodness to us, making us just like Him in the eyes of God. That’s good news!

The God who created us has commanded us all to turn from sin and to follow the commands of His Son. As soon as we commit to this, He changes our heart. He takes away the heart that loves sin and gives us a heart that loves God.  

I pray that you would take up the Lord on this gracious offer. Those who believe will be saved, but those who reject Him will eventually be condemned. Don’t wait. Look to Him today.


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