December Newsletter – A Miraculous Year!

 A Miraculous Year.

The mercy and grace of God are unsearchable! Twenty years ago I was plucked up from a life of blindness and sin. A bright light shined on a young man who dwelt in great darkness. That day I handed my life over into the hands of God and begged Him to do what He wished with it. And now, two decades later, I have finished the first year of full-time evangelism. God’s faithfulness has never ceased to amaze me!

Last January, I left my full-time job to pursue the calling I felt God had put upon my life. I was far from any earthly assurance that any of my bills would be paid. I had no major backer, no paycheck from a church, only a sense that I was doing just what God wanted me to do. Two months later, my wife found that she was losing her job! The only income we had as a family was from those whose hearts God had touched to be a part of this ministry. With that and a few odd jobs here and there, we have come through our first year without any want. God is faithful!

The First Year. 


2017 has been a year of ups and downs. During the first year of ministry, we have had our share of bumps in the road. The ministry we are called to is not a typical one. I’m learning as I go! However, despite the dampness under my ears, the Lord has been faithful to show up. I’ve preached many times in many places. I’ve spent a lot of time on the University campus. I’ve spoken to many people.  I’ve prayed with many people. Just a few days ago I prayed with two young Muslim men from Saudi Arabia. Just a few weeks ago I looked into the eyes of a young college student who was greatly burdened by his sins and on the precipice of new life in Christ. My tools have grown sharper, my preaching has gotten better, my confidence has grown more solid.

The Year Ahead. 

As the new year begins, I plan to participate in a time of prayer and fasting for 21 days with my church. During this time I’ll be seeking the Lord as to any changes or tweaks that I should make to this ministry. The past year has borne some fruit, but I desire to be a more fruitful branch. I know the Lord has more that he desires to do through this type of ministry. I haven’t seen the half of what’s in my heart. Pray with me that the Lord would guide me into an increase in fruitfulness this upcoming year.

Barring any great change of direction the Lord may give, I plan to continue my work at the University. For the time being, I feel called to those sidewalks. It’s also been in my heart to pray that a University group be established in my church. I don’t know what that may look like, but I am praying in that direction. Please pray with me. I look forward to sharing my progress in all these things with you via social media. Make sure you follow my page on your favorite platform.

Will You Join Us?

Will you consider partnering with us in this new year? Your monthly support of any amount is a great blessing and helps us to continue forward in the ministry that God has called us to. To give, visit our giving page: Give / Partner 

God Bless You! Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “December Newsletter – A Miraculous Year!

  1. The Lord bless you, Hal! He will provide for you and your beautiful family I know that for sure. He will use you and make you more fruitful than you’ve ever imagined- all for
    His glory and for blessing many with salvation. Blessings!!
    Maria and Tom

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  2. Hal — you are an amazing instrument being used by God! We are so excited to see what God has done in your life and in your ministry! May God bless you abundantly in the new year ahead … we’ll be anxious to hear about how He is using you in mighty ways! We love you and your family! Joan & Wade 🙂


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