August Newsletter!

Summer Fruit.

“Tonight I preached three times with the paint board. All three times I had good crowds who listened well. Each time, most of the crowd took the literature that I offered. With my last presentation, I spoke to two young men who prayed with me to receive Christ.”

Those were some notes I jotted down shortly after one of my nights on the boardwalk doing evangelism. I’m glad I started writing this stuff down! So many things happen in a night of evangelism that it’s easy to forget some of the amazing experiences we have. But on one of my trips, I was asked to make a short journal entry on everything that happened. Why haven’t I been always doing this? I have been ever since.

Another experience was quite remarkable. Here’s my journal entry about it: 

“I just finished preaching for the first time tonight. I had a small crowd, probably about 10 people. They listened well. Afterward, when I went to talk to the crowd, I noticed the owner of the Purple Moose (a local bar)! I had talked to him several weeks ago: We were preaching out in front of his bar and came out to take the heaven test. He was a bit testy with me and did not let me finish before he left. However, since that day, I have often thought about him and prayed for him. It was awesome to see him again. I believe it was a divine appointment. I spoke to him, greeted him, and told him that I have been thinking of him and praying for him. His girlfriend was with him and I asked her if she knew the Lord. She pointed to Halle (who was with me for that week) and said, “I was just like her til the time I was fifteen” (indicating that she grew up in an active Christian household). I could tell that she was very touched by the message. She was obviously away from the Lord, but I pray that it was a wake up for her and a sign for him. It felt very much like a divine encounter.”

And I really love this one:

“There was a lady who had been listening to my message from the balcony are of a hotel. I didn’t notice her because she was out of my line of sight. She came down after the message and thanked me for what I was doing. She was a believer. She told me that a young lady that was with her listened to my message and was affected by it. This girl had never been to church. She used this opportunity to invite her to church and she’s going to go to with her the next time they can. How awesome is that!”

It’s very encouraging to go back over some of these notes. Street evangelism invites so many opportunities to speak into the lives of people who may not be reached otherwise; it’s also a great tool to encourage other believers to reach their friends.

For example, two girls stopped to listen to me preach in Rehobeth, DE. After I was finished, I approached them to speak to them. I found that one was a believer and one was not. One regularly attended church and one did not. The unchurched girl was very open to what I had to say so I suggested she go to church with her friend. She said she would! I love these kinds of encounters. Not only was I able to share the good news with an open heart, but her friend was a perfect person to immediately follow up with her and get her into a fellowship.

These are just some of the stories of what God has done this summer.

A new year

Fall is like the new year starting. Summer is over and school is starting back up. I aim to be at the colleges and city streets. Please keep me in prayer as I launch into a new season. I’m believing God for a greater level of impact and fruitfulness. Please believe with me!

Will you join me this year? Would you consider partnering with me by becoming a monthly donor? It with your gifts that we are able to continue ministering on the streets. Thank you!

You can give automatically by visiting our giving page on our website:, or you are always welcome to give

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God bless you!

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