February Newsletter 2019

God in University Philosophy.

I spoke to a young man at the University of Delaware recently who surprised me in a good way. I have spoken with him several times over the past year or so. He was generally antagonistic to the gospel–but in a friendly way. He enjoyed chatting with me and I enjoyed chatting with him. He had certain hang-ups about God that kept him from believing. However, when he approached me recently, I said to him: “Have you come around to some of the things I have spoken to you?” He replied, to my surprise, “Yes, actually! I’m inclined to believe more like you now.” He explained to me how that in FOUR of his classes, God was being discussed, and that some of his professors were ‘pro-God,’ as he put it. He further explained that he had come to the logical conclusion that God most likely exists.

It was encouraging to hear this. It wasn’t long ago that atheist philosophers reigned supreme on college campuses. But the tides have turned. There are many more ‘pro-God’ philosophers in universities today than in times past. Many of them, also, are Christians. In fact, I was reviewing a video in which famed Christian philosopher, William Lane Craig, was debating an atheist. He commented on how ‘pro-God’ philosophers were filling up the philosophy departments at universities country-wide. The atheist scoffed at him, “That is not true!” But Criag said, “It is!” and proceeded to rattle off several names. Then he said to the atheist, “Name one prominent atheist philosopher currently at a University.” The atheist couldn’t.

The philosophical arguments for the existence of God are quite solid. It’s encouraging to hear that the universities are starting to see that.
HOWEVER… This doesn’t mean our country is making a turn for the better. That would be a stretch. Believing in God is one thing, committing your life to Christ is another. Although the young man I spoke with was inclined to believe in God, he was hesitant to embrace Christ. He didn’t mind talking about an impersonal God somewhere far away, but when I pointed to his heart and said, “what about the sin in your own heart?” he was less agreeable. He said, “you’re going to have a really hard time saving society if you are trying to get these students to give up sex outside of marriage and stuff like that. It’s not going to happen.” I said, “I’m not interested in saving society.” He was puzzled: “you’re not?” “No,” I said, “Society will fall, just as Jesus said it would. I’m not trying to save society, I’m trying to save you.”

Time in Purgatory

I’m quite surprised how often I come across a catholic who believes in purgatory. When I ask them if they think they would go to heaven when they die, I sometimes hear, “I’ll probably go to purgatory for a little while.” It’s sad to hear that such a superstition is still prevalent among people today. It’s a very dangerous teaching, however, used often to ease the mind. Many Catholics recognize their own sinfulness and know they aren’t right with God as they should be. They relegate themselves to purgatory instead of hell, and comfort themselves with idea that it will only be for a ‘little while.’ A young woman I spoke with recently held this idea. I was encouraged after speaking with her, however, because she was very open to what the Word of God had to say.


House for sale in Live Oak , FL. Freshly painted, inside and out!

I spent about 20 days in Florida this past month, but it wasn’t for ministry. I spent time fixing up our old house that we have there. Previously we were renting it out but now we are trying to sell it. Selling this house for what we want for it would be a huge financial blessing that would help us get out of debt! Please pray for a quick sale! I’m praying this will be a blessing to both us and the new owners.

I’m looking forward more time on the streets this month. Pray for fruitful times as I hit the street! Thank you for your prayers!

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