July Newsletter 2019

Summer Evangelism

This July I spent some time in Ocean City, NJ. I departed from my normal style of paint board evangelism and joined with some fellow ministers in using the ‘Heaven Test’ sign. You are probably familiar with the ‘Heaven Test’ sign if you are a regular reader of this newsletter. But in case you aren’t, the ‘Heaven Test’ sign is simply a sign that says, “Are you going to Heaven? Free Test.” And though it may seem foolish to the causal observer, it yields good results. Remember, it’s the foolish things that God uses to confound the wise. Simply holding the ‘Heaven Test’ sign on the boardwalk in the evening time results in endless conversations into the night. Many of these conversations become deep and meaningful. I’ve recorded a few encounters in my notes:

Andrew and Matthew were lighthearted at first. But after I shared the law their hearts were softened. They listened intently and I sensed that the Holy Spirit was dealing with their hearts. The Lord humbled them. They were serious about their souls and I urged them to repent and follow Jesus. (more below)

Sophia and Patrick. We had a great conversation. We talked for a long time. Sophia confessed that she was bi-sexual but was not offended when I shared what the Bible teaches. They both were very polite and asked a lot of questions. I gave them a New Testament and asked them to pray and read it. Sophia said she would.

I spoke to a large group of young teenagers. It was very difficult to keep their attention due to their levity. I tried to speak seriously to them, but it was in vain. However, towards the end, two young ladies approached me named Gia and Ava. They listened intently and were convicted over their sin. They expressed a desire to follow Jesus. I gave them literature and urged them to pray and seek God.

Talked to two young men. The conversation went great. They listened intently and expressed sorrow over their sins. They were catholic but were very open to everything I said. They expressed true desire to seek God. I encouraged them to repent straight away and put their trust in Christ. Gave them both a gospel of John and a tract.

Liam, Ethan, and John. They stopped to talk to me and were very respectful. Liam and Ethan are brothers and are part Jewish. They didn’t know much about the things of God but they listened intently as I led them through the law. They realized their guilt and that apart from God‘s forgiveness they are doomed. I shared with them the gospel. They listened intently. I urged them to give their hearts up to God. I gave them all a Gospel of John. Ethan and Liam said they did not have a new testament at their house. I urged them to read the words of Christ.

These where just a few of the many fruitful conversations I had on the boardwalk.

In the Cities

I also spent a little bit of time in Philadelphia and Baltimore this month. We preached the gospel and engaged in one-on-one conversations with those who stopped to listen. There are many hurting people in the inner cities and it seems that some just need a listening ear.

I talked at length with a man named Steve who was homeless in a rough part of Baltimore. It was obvious from his looks that he was a drug abuser. However, he had a humble heart and was quite knowledgeable of scripture. He didn’t ask me for anything. He just wanted to talk. We talked about the Lord and I encouraged him and prayed with him. Afterwards, I offered him an unsolicited peanut butter and jelly sandwich (my wife made me two :)). I think the Lord is pleased when we offer our ear to the hurting. I pray he finds freedom through Jesus Christ.

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