[Video] Objections to “How to Spank Your Kids the Right Way” Answered

I have received quite a lot of negative feedback from my video entitled, “How to Spank Your Kids the Right Way.” In this video, I seek to answer those objections. Below are the time stamps for each of the objections in case you want to skip to a certain place:

“I Can’t Believe You Spank Your Kids! 1:23
“Studies Show Spanking Ineffective/Harmful” 2:50
“Spanking is Abuse!” 9:45
“Other Countries have Banned Spanking” 12:42
“Spankings Hurt Child/Parent Relationship” 16:17
“The Bible Also Says Stone / Sell Your Children” 17:39
“Spanking is the Easy Way Out” 19:17
“Hitting is Never OK” 21:37
“Spanking is a Sex Act” 23:39
“Spanking Teaches Children to Hit” 24:59

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