January Newsletter 2020

Cutting Out Parts of the Bible

Is the Word of God worth defending? Are there some parts, which might taboo in the world today, better left out of public conversation? Should we shy away from talking about certain issues because they might offend someone? 

There’s a great temptation among Christians to hold back in silence on important issues of the day. Often, their reasons seem honorable, but ultimately, it is detrimental. Instead of putting these controversial issues right out in front, many try to hide them as long as possible. Their thought is that they might be able to build a relationship first and then sneak them in. It’s kind of a like a dating partner hiding all the bad things about them and hoping to get married before they spill the beans. This isn’t a wise idea. I’ve found that the best thing to do is just to address the issues as soon as possible. We need to take a stand on the issues. This can be done in love and respect, and often leads to wonderful and fruitful conversations.

One issue that is hot today is over the spanking of children. The Bible says that “He who spares the rod hates his son,” yet the ‘wisdom’ of the world says that spankings are detrimental to children. I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of hate because I have produced a video about spankings. And just this month, I was invited to LA to be a part of a video discussion that covered this issue. In the midst of a hostile group I stood alone declaring the truth of God to whoever has ears to hear. But I wasn’t alone, because God was with me. This video has been viewed by millions already and will be viewed by millions more on Youtube. I’ve received lots of hate from it, which I expected. However I did not expect so many Christians to cower in fear over this topic. I’ve noticed that even many pastors avoid this topic like the plague. And yet the well-being of our children depend upon understanding this topic properly. Dear Pastors, get over your fear and preach the Word of God. A pastor is called first to his flock. Too many pastors are concerned with filling pews and don’t want to offend anyone. This is shameful. This is an area where we can shine like the sun. Let them see our families. Let them see the peace in our households. They may speak against us as evil-doers now, but perhaps they will see the wisdom of God in our families and glorify God on the day of visitation (1 Pet 2:12). 

I don’t know why the Lord has opened doors for me to address this topic. It’s certainly not the first thing on my bucket list. However, I will speak on it and any other clear directive found in the Word of God. I will do it unashamedly. Our call is to take up our cross, not to look cool and ‘woke’ in the eyes of the world. God help us. 

(If you would like to watch the video, click here)

In Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is not far from where I live (about 50 minutes). I haven’t been there much in times past, but I am making a renewed effort to get there more often. I had a few beautiful experiences there lately that I would like to recount one for you.

While I was preaching, a young man approached me (pictured at top left). His name is Joshua. He was a very nice fellow, and was genuinely interested in what I had to say. I shared the gospel with him and answered many questions that he had. As I was speaking to him, a man named Ross approached us. He is a Ukrainian man who also spreads the gospel on the streets. He joined the chat as I spoke to Joshua. A few minutes later, an African woman, named Natasha, approached us. She also is a Christian. She really laid it on Joshua in the way only an African grandma can do. It was quite fun to watch. I believe Joshua was affected in a very positive way. He took a gospel of John and allowed us to pray with him. After he left, the three of his joined hands and prayed for the city. It was pretty cool. It’s amazing what can happen out on the streets. Sometimes it can be scary, but many times it is wonderful. 

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