February Newsletter 2020

Reaching Hundreds Everyday

The world is indeed different than it has ever been. With the rise of the internet, lifestyles have changed substantially. It is now perfectly possible to never leave your house and yet make a good living. It is also perfectly possible to never leave the house for any reason. Literally everything a person needs can be delivered to their doorstep, even perishable groceries! Of course, most people don’t like to stay cooped up, but the point is that it is not only possible, but it is happening. Many people stay home, all the time, on their computers. Their social life is virtual, their work is done remotely, and their life is spent mostly away from public spaces. 

This doesn’t mean that most people are like this, but what it does mean is that more and more people are spending more and more time on their computer or electronic device and less time out in the world. This is especially true regarding the marginalized and socially inept. Those who have struggled to engage in the traditional types of social practices will often find online communities that make them feel welcome. They can also escape from who they truly are and create a fantasy avatar to their liking. It’s a strange and scary world, but it is our reality. And the question must be asked, “how do we reach these people?” And, “can the internet be a viable form of outreach?”

I have a relatively small YouTube channel. I am just about to 1000 subscribers. However, today, after looking at my analytics, I realized that over 100 people per day watch one of my videos. And this is more meaningful than you might think, for the people who come my channel are not primarily of my small group of subscribers, but of those who are searching. That is, they are looking for information. This means that the message on my videos, more often than not, directly speaks to the need of the person who is watching. So over 100 people per day are hearing the gospel in a way that speaks directly to their need. This is substantial!

I have often talked about expanding this aspect of the ministry, and will be doing so. However, I found that it is a lot harder than it looks! Most of the videos I have made are a result of hours and days of study, filming, and editing. It is very rare for me to be able to produce a video in the time frame of one eight hour day. It takes time. However, the lasting effects of a well-made video can literally have a never-ending impact. Videos that I made three and five years ago are still being viewed daily. And everyday my subscriber number increases. Pray with me as I seek to expand this aspect of the the ministry

A Special Time with My Daughters

As you may know, my daughters have been heavily involved with community theatre. After some prodding from both my children and my wife, I decided to audition for a show with the girls. And I got a part! For the last couple of months I have been spending many hours at the theatre in the evenings, rehearsing with my daughters and other talented actors and actresses. And it was just this last weekend that we had our first performances! I must say that it has been truly special. It can be compared to coaching little league with your children on the team, but also getting on the field and playing with them! I hope this memory is as sweet for them as it is for me.

Besides the obvious fun associated with being in a play, there is also a lot of positive skills that are being developed. Arguably, the most important element of acting is the ability to be clear and articulate in speech. This is something that I can always get better at. It is also a very good learning experience for my children, who are learning to work with adults, speak clearly and audibly, and overcome fears. Strengthening our memorization skills are also a plus. I am supremely impressed that my oldest daughter (10), who is playing the lead, has been able to memorize large monologues and dialogues. It’s neat to see.

If you live locally, I would love for you to come out to one of the productions. We are performing the show ‘Matilda’ at the Delaware Children’s Theatre in Wilmington, DE. As of this newsletter, there are 6 remaining shows. Katee and I are in all of the shows. However, since Halle’s role of Matilda is dual-cast, she is only in 2 of those 6 shows.  The show dates and times are listed below. The dates that Halle is playing Matilda are in bold. Hope to see you there!

Feb 28, 7pm | Feb 29, 2pm | Mar 1, 2pm | Mar 6, 7pm | Mar 7, 2pm | Mar 8, 2pm 

Go to http://www.dechildrenstheatre.org to purchase tickets. (Do it early because sometimes they sell out). 

Will You Join Me? 

Come with me as I go into the world to preach the gospel by become a financial partner.  Your financial support is greatly appreciated!

Visit halchaffee.com/partnergive to give online. 

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