September Newsletter 2020

Praying for our Nation.

In about a month, we all head to the polls to vote in the midst of a political climate that is more volatile than we have ever experienced in our lifetime. Satan has done a superb job of stirring up strife like never before. More and more Americans are looking at each other as enemies rather than brothers, and that’s a shame. I honestly cannot see how our nation can continue for much longer like this. Unless God intervenes, we are headed towards something catastrophic. That is why we must pray. The Bible, in no uncertain terms, commands us to pray for those in authority. This admonition, giving to us by Paul in 1 Timothy 2:1-2, was penned during the time of the Roman Empire, when wicked and godless men ruled with an iron fist. And yet the command was not to ‘resist,’ but to pray, even for those wicked men. Why? Because God has shown us that He can use any person He chooses and has said that ‘the king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes’ (Proverbs 21:1). When the people of God pray, God can turn the hearts of our leaders in the way He chooses, bringing about peace in our time. 

Our current president is no godly man by any sound measurement, but God has shown us that He can use whom He chooses. And God will continue to work through our president if we continue to pray. That is why I joined almost 100,000 other believers in Washington DC this month to pray for our president, this country, and for peace. As I walked down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and skirted the reflection pool, tears filled my eyes. I prayed, “God, will you not revive us one last time? Raise up laborers in your vineyard! Strengthen our pastors! Help our president! Save our nation!” I thought of Nineveh, that wicked city whom Jonah preached so harshly to. Though they were so wicked, God heard their prayers when they repented and turned from their evil ways, showing us that 2 Chronicles 7:14 is not for the Jews only, but for any nation that humbles themselves before God. So if we, God’s people in the United States of America, humble ourselves before God, turn from our sins, and seek His face, He will also hear and answer us, and heal our land. But if we don’t, we can be sure that certain disaster awaits. 

Back on the Boardwalk

I was able to get back on the boardwalk one last time before the summer was officially over. Although it wasn’t as busy as usual, God still sent some people to us. I spoke with one young couple who responded that I was the nicest person they have ever spoken to about religion. They told me their past conversations had always resulted in heated arguments. I’m not always so gentle with those that I speak to, but I try to be sensitive to the needs that I perceive those I speak with might have. I also seek to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Ghost. The Bible says to have compassion on some, but others to save with fear (Jude 23). We need to be sensitive to employ the measures that are needed for the present situation. Other good ministry also occurred on the boardwalk. Many heard the gospel as they passed by. I pray that lives were forever changed. 

Repairs and more Repairs!

We are STILL waiting for our motorhome to be completely repaired. Our repairs have cost close to $10,000 just in the last two months! When we bought the motorhome, we knew that maintenance would be an ongoing thing, but had no idea that we would see repair bills mount up this high. It has truly been an opportunity to practice what I preach. The temptation to worry has been an at all time high. But the Lord has sustained me, and my wife (who has been unbelievably calm through all this) has been a great help to me. Any assistance you might want to give towards these bills would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Hal Chaffee Ministries

PO Box 1546

Elkton, MD 21922
Visit to give online. 

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