October Newsletter 2020

The Future of Our Nation

I am pessimistic about the future of our nation. I do not believe that we will have a great nation-wide revival (although we could). I do not believe that our nation will continue much longer as the great powerhouse that it has been. 

But this does’t mean that I don’t have hope! Quite the contrary! Jesus said that when we begin to see these things, “Look up!, and lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near” (Luke 21:28). This ‘distress of nations’ is a sure indication that the Kingdom of God is near.

But concerning America, our beloved Land of the Free and Home of the Brave— it will not endure. We are no longer the United States of America, for we are bitterly divided. The North and South of the Civil War times has now become the Red and the Blue. If God permitted a bloody Civil War to end the scourge of slavery, what will He now bring upon us for all our great sins and national rejection of Him?

And while I do believe that our downfall is inevitable, I also believe it can be delayed for a time. Just as Josiah came across the Book of the Law, read it, and tore his clothes, staying judgment for another generation. Even so, if we are able to vote in presidents and leaders who honor God and pass righteous laws, the cup of His wrath over this nation will also be held back for a little time. But if we vote in leaders like King Herod, who failed to give God the glory, our nation will be struck with worms and die. 

It is time for us to weep, like Jeremiah wept. We may not save this nation, but we can save people. Even if this nation fails, the kingdom of God will not. God’s church has always prevailed whether in freedom or in persecution. We may not have nation-wide revival, but we can have pockets of revival. We can have it whether we are in good times or in difficult times. Satan cannot stop it no matter what the circumstances may be.

I love what the late evangelist Charles Finney had to say about this:

“Let hell boil over if it will, and spew out as many devils as there are stones in the pavements, if it only drives Christians to God in prayer—they cannot hinder a revival.”

I pray our troubles will indeed drive us to prayer. Then many souls come to the glorious knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Who Should a Christian Vote For?

With much hesitation, I have waded into political waters. I really didn’t want to, but because of the huge moral issues that are at play in our nation today, I have felt that it has become Christian duty to speak up. In the days of slavery, there were many Christian people who became indifferent about slavery. For many, their day to day lives were not affected by the issue. Besides, it was a political issue; they would rather not enter into such a heated debate., so they kept their mouths shut. However, there were other Christians who spoke loudly and labored abundantly to end the scourge of slavery in our land. Which Christians do you look back upon with respect? Even so, in our time, there are political issues that are just as important. They are not just political issues, but MORAL issues—issues that God cares about. 

Click to watch my video on Youtube

I recently put together a video called, “Can a Christian be a Democrat?”. In the video, I go through some of the moral issues that are hotly debated in our political circles today. I show what the Bible says about those issues and what each of our two major political parties say about the issues. Then I challenge the viewer as to which party more aligns with biblical truth. Visit my YouTube channel to view the video: Youtube.com/halchaffee

Leaving Florida.

My family and I have spent the last month in Florida. And although the original plan was to chase the sun, we have made the crazy decision to spend the winter in Maryland! Our girls have landed parts in a play and we have decided to stay in one place until it’s over. There we will continue in outreach both on the streets and online. A local church has generously offered us both office space and a place to set up our motorhome for the winter

Please pray for us as we learn what it is like to spend the cold months in a motorhome and as we continue in the work God has called us to. God Bless!

Hal Chaffee Ministries

PO Box 1546

Elkton, MD 21922
Visit halchaffee.com/partnergive to give online. 

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