November Newsletter 2021

Changing seasons.

As I write this newsletter, we are preparing to head south for the winter, planning to spend a season in Florida. We are not sure how long this next season will be, but we are keeping our ears pressed up to the Lord for the direction that He will give in His time. While in Florida, we will continue our ministry in cities and college campuses that will be local to us there. We are also open to traveling if the Lord opens any doors for us to minister. (In fact, if you’d like us to come to your church, be sure to contact us by clicking here). We are sad to be leaving our church family behind at Five Rivers Church. They have been so incredibly gracious to us in the past year here. Not only have they allowed us to live in our motorhome beside the church, but they also gave us full access to the facilities, with a big kitchen and a gym for the kids to run and play whenever they like. I was also granted the use of an office. I cannot overstate how much of a blessing Pastor Tucker and all of the brothers and sisters at Five Rivers have been to us. My children will have fond memories of the time they spent ‘living at the church’ during the wild years of COVID-19. We will our miss church family greatly and pray that the Lord direct our way back to them if He so sees fit.


November is the month of Thanksgiving, and while most of us love the meal and the holiday, I pray that it is just a reminder of the life of thanksgiving we ought to be living before God every day. The Bible says, “In EVERYTHING give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1 Thessalonians 5:18). I was honored to be asked to speak at Five Rivers Church on this subject on Thanksgiving weekend. In my preparation, I was amazed as to how much of a spiritual impact an attitude of thanksgiving can have upon our lives, even to the point of determining the level of victory we have over the flesh and the devil! And I was sobered as I meditated on the many hearts and minds that are darkened and led astray because of a failure to maintain a mindset of gratitude before God. I spent many hours thinking and writing on this subject over the past few weeks. I know that you’ll be blessed by both my blog on this subject and my sermon.

Pray for us.

I have a few requests for prayer as we head to our new season in Florida. Pray that the Lord would lead me to the right places for ministry, the right city streets, and the right college campuses. Pray that the Lord will connect me with the right people. Unless I find some people to accompany me, I will have to go out alone now. I will do that, but I’d much rather have someone like-minded to come with me. There is a reason Jesus sent them out two-by-two. Pray also for my friend Mark, who has been a partner and a mentor on the streets with me for many years in Maryland. He will also be alone until the Lord raises someone up to be with him. Pray that God would send us each laborers who can go up with us to the work. Pray for doors to be opened and for directions. Pray for power in ministry. Pray that I would have boldness to speak as I ought to speak.

Thank you for being with us on this journey. May the Lord bless you!

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