August Newsletter 2022


I very pleased to report that we have already seen growth in the short time that we’ve been in leadership at Connect Church! Last Sunday our sanctuary was fuller than any previous Sunday, and many children and workers in the other building. Almost every Sunday we have new visitors who find our church somehow or another. Many of them have stayed to join our church family. We’ve been praying that God would add to our church, and it seems that He has heard our prayer.

I’m particularly rejoicing over a family that joined our church a few weeks ago. They came to our Back to School Bash, where we gave away school supplies and provided a fun time for the children of our community. I made sure to spend time talking with everyone I didn’t know, inviting them to come to our church. This family showed up the next Sunday and sat in shock! The only church that they had known was a Catholic church! I could tell that they were a bit bewildered. But they loved it. They came back, and they started coming to our Thursday night Celebrate Recovery group, and have even started serving in a small capacity at the church. They are definitely ‘in,’ and we are so glad to have them. I believe that they will never be the same!

But I should not fail to mention our thriving youth ministry! This is no thanks to me, but to the hard work of our youth pastor, Samuel, and his leadership team. Every Wednesday brings in about 30 students for bible study, and every Friday about 50 students! Yes, you read that right, we have two services for youth every week! Our youth are constantly busy, with many activities and workdays. They clean the church every week to make sure it is ready for our services. And you’ll find them out front on Sunday mornings, holding welcome signs and greeting people as they arrive to church! It is truly a sight to behold, and I am just glad to be a part of it. Below are a few pictures of some of the recent happenings for our youth and children’s ministry:

Thank you for your continual support as we reach the people of this area with the gospel of Jesus. Please pray that God would continue to add to His church. Pray for me, that I would have the wisdom I need to lead the people of God. These are new waters for me and I need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to bring God’s people to their promised land. Pray for our finances. The Lord has provided for us, but we are believing for the increase we need to provide for salaries, repairs, and equipment purchases. Pray especially that God would provide the roof that we need for our older building and for the sound and video equipment we need to keep our services looking and sounding sharp.

If you’d like to give towards any of these items, click here.

Thank you and God bless!

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