Recently my mind has been brought back to Brother Andrew’s (I think that’s his name) book, practicing the presence of God. I can’t remember if I read the whole thing, but I remember some of it. I remember how he made a conscious effort to fix his eyes on God as much as possible. He’d remind himself to do it every minute if he could. I think thats awesome. What he was doing was endeavoring to abide in the Vine.

That’s what I want to do and will do by the grace of God. Praise God! Too many times during the day my thoughts are not towards God, but off on something else. God should be included in all of my thoughts. He’s like a business partner – the senior business partner. We are conducting business together. Certainly you would communicate with your business partner about what you are doing! He’s like a business partner for every area of your life.

He’s also a friend and a helper. He wants to be included in your everyday routine. He wants to help you. He wants to fellowship with you all the time. Glory to God!

Lord, may my thoughts be towards you constantly. Forgive me for forgetting to acknowledge you in all my ways. I love you Lord!

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