Sharing Christ should be natural

Acts 8:4. “Therefore they that were scattered abroad went every where preaching the word.”

Notice that this scripture didn’t say, “And the apostles pushed and pried them to go preach word.”  No, it just said that they went everywhere preaching the word. Hallelujah.

Sharing Christ should be natural. It shouldn’t be something that causes fear. It shouldn’t be something that is difficult or that you need to get worked up and pumped up to do.  It should be just a natural expression of what has happened to you.

I know that it causes fear among many people.  It has for me and it still does for me sometimes.  It’s because we are not continually filled with the Spirit of God.   When we are full of the Spirit of God sharing Christ will be natural. It won’t be hard or worked up.  And it will be effective.  Many of our evangelism endeavors have ended up failures, because people can see the insecurity in us.  There should be no insecurity in Christ.  Here’s the cure: be filled with the spirit.  You’ll be as bold as a drunken man, but still as sharp as a sober man.  Glory to God!

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