Love Stories: Adam and Eve

It is not good for man to be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him. Gen 2:18

The first love story in the bible is about the first two people that existed in the world: Adam & Eve. This story sets the foundation for marriage and for love and for sex.

When God makes the world and everything in it, He says that all of it is good.  In Genesis 1:31 He takes a moment and looks at everything and says, “It is VERY good.”  However, when it comes to man being alone He says, “It is not good.”

Loneliness is not a good thing. God doesn’t want anyone to be lonely, so He introduces to us the idea of marriage. It is when a man and a woman leave their father and their mother and are joined to one another as one flesh (Gen 2:24). Notice that this ancient writer of Genesis points out to us that God’s original plan is for one man and one women.  Not one man and three women. And not man and man, or woman and woman, but one man and one woman.  And God very conveniently designed both the man and the woman so that they could very naturally ‘become one flesh’ – a reference to sex.  Also note that the first reference to sex is not for the purpose of reproduction, but for the purpose of unity (oneness).

A good marriage is certainly the answer for loneliness. My wife is always the person I look to for company and companionship. She is there for me to support me in the hard times and rejoice with me in the good times. And I am there for her in the same way.  We share with each other what is in our hearts, things we wouldn’t share with anyone else. We embrace each other and declare our love for each other on a daily basis.  She is the one person on earth I know I can go to for any reason and she will be there for me. I trust her with everything. There is no other person like that in my life besides my wife.  And that’s the way it is supposed to be, and if you have a healthy marriage, it is the way it is for you, as well.

However, be warned, an unhealthy marriage is like hell on earth, but worse.  Therefore marriage ought not to be entered into lightly.  It should be as it was for Adam & Eve: designed and timed by God himself. If your marriage is designed and timed by God, then you can have heaven on earth. Otherwise, you may end up like the majority of marriages today: broken. God can fix a broken marriage, but it won’t be without troubles and heartbreak.

According to statistics, over 50% of marriages end in divorce. However, in my opinion the percentage of broken marriages is much higher.  These marriages include the people who put up with one anther but don’t share much love, marriages that are laced with infidelity, and marriages that contain some sort of abuse. I would guess that upwards to about 80 or 90 percent of marriages are broken like this (although it’s just a guess). But even if it were 50%, we still have horrific odds.  We must do everything we can to ensure that we have happy, whole marriages. But how can we do that??? Here’s the answer:


‘But, no, we are too smart for God. We want to do it our way.’ Your way is the wrong way and statistics prove it. Let’s get some real intelligence and listen to the wisdom of God:

– Save sex and passion for marriage

– Pray and wait for the God to design your marriage

– Be faithful to your spouse

– Seek God first!

And then your marriage can be a paradise like Adam and Eve’s: full of nakedness and cleaving!

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