On disciplining your children

The blog that I receive the most views on is a blog called “You shall beat your child with a rod, and deliver his soul from hell.” Click here to read it.

I was just talking to someone today about the importance of proper physical punishment and how I believe that it is extremely vital to raising children. And then, after that, I had someone post a comment on my blog about discipling children. I thought it was good. Please read it and then read the blog I wrote!

From Jennifer (not anyone I know) :

“I completely agree with everything you said. I was spanked as a child and I will admit that had I not been I probably would not be the person I am today. I see the differences in people who were spanked and not spanked. I know many people who where not spanked and live their lives like the world owes them something then there are the people who were spanked or disciplined correctly and live their lives the right way and are greatful for the life they have.

I was disciplined the correct way, for the most part. So was one of my step-sisters. We live our lives greatful for what we have, knowing that it is our own responsibilities to take care of ourselves and our families while my other step-sister who was not disciplined the way we were still lives at home off of my parents will not work and gets herself into trouble. She had a major theft problem that was never put in check and ended up in alot of trouble for that, she shuck guys into her bedroom at the age of 15 and ended up pregnant, dropped out of highschool got addicted to drugs and cant keep a job to save her life. And now lives in my parents basement with her 4 children not paying a dime while my father who works hard supports her and her childern.

My husbands sister is the same way. Lives off her dad, will not work, had a wonderful man who loved her and took care of her, didn’t make her work and did more for her than anyone in the world, so she cheated on him with someone who had 5 kids all by different girls, has a drug problem and no job. Ended up pregnant and didn’t know which person was the father. Ended up being the guy she cheated with. Her boyfriend even told her that he would raise her son as his own all she needed to do was get a job to help support him and she wouldn’t do that because she would rather sit at home and watch soaps all day while he took care of her and her little boy. Needless to say that didnt last long so now she has been living with her dad for the last 2 years and hasn’t worked a day in over a year. Expects everyone to do everything for her and when they dont you’re a bad person. This girl was NEVER punished for anything she did. She was raised in a very loving home that also produced my husband who works very hard to support me as I work hard to support him. We are a team. We were disciplined by the rod of correction. Society as a whole would be much better off if parents started using the rod of correction to start there children down the right path. Children need punishment. They have to learn right from wrong. If you put a kid in time out that does nothing to help them like you previously stated. I have a nephew that is a prime example. His mother never punished him. He is now 2 and is soooo incorrigible no one can handle being around him. You tell him no and he laughs in your face and goes and does it again. I just pray that someone can get through to this child before it is too late.”

One thought on “On disciplining your children

  1. I actually disagree with spanking in general and you can see my explanation in a comment for your article spanking your kids the right way. Also, I think the people Jennifer talks about turned out the way they did because of discipline in general not pysical discipline.

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