June Newsletter!

I had the pleasure of visiting Boston for a week this month. Boston is a beautiful IMG_5485city but hurts my heart to see it’s spiritual state. There are many beautiful church buildings, but true spirituality is lacking. In searching for a church in the city, I could only find a few that seemed to be doing well and holding on to the authority of God’s word. Many churches there have completely abandoned the authority of God’s word and have exalted man’s ideas instead. One church I passed by had several banners proudly declaring how conformed they were to this world, complete with a timetable of their digressive steps into darkness. I did find a church, however, shining the light of the gospel in IMG_5503a Jewish synagogue, no less. Talking to the pastor there, it was confirmed that there was not near enough churches like it faithfully preaching the Word of God.

I was blessed to be in Boston, however. Some friends of mine had graciously paid my way to participate in a training conference there, where I learned the art of sketchboard evangelism.

Sketchboard evangelism is a tool used on the streets to preach illustrated messages. (continued below)


It could be compared with a PowerPoint presentation but with paint and paper. The rudimentary paintings and clever method of making words appear draw crowds of all ages. I’ve seen it in action before this conference, but now I had the chance to undergo a proper training. The instructors not only taught us in classroom time but took us to the streets of Boston. We preached in the city several times and held many outdoor children’s meetings. During these meetings we reasoned, exhorted, and prayed with many individuals.


One instance stands out the most in my mind. I was passing out tracts in the city when a transgender person walked past. I offered him a tract, which he refused. I politely said, “God bless you. Jesus loves you!” The man was noticeably anxious as if his mind was troubled. He looked back, gave me the finger, and said, “No, He doesn’t!”

I have prayed for that man often since that encounter. I can’t help but think about the hurt and abuse he may have suffered, and the devastation sin has brought upon his life. He looked terrible and miserable. He had looked for fulfillment in the indulgence of the flesh and reaped the wages of sin instead. Yet, despite his lifestyle, sins, and current condition, Jesus loves him. Not only does He love him, but has the power to make all things new. I pray that those words I spoke that day stick with him. I pray they plague him in the day and haunt him in the night. I pray that everywhere he looks he sees, “Jesus loves you,” and everywhere he goes he hears, “Jesus loves you.” I pray that God’s mercy and grace reaches down and delivers him from such darkness. I don’t think it was an accident that we crossed paths that day. I pray those simple words change his life forever.

The Fun Stuff

One of the things I thought I would like the least, but I have actually enjoyed very much, is raising support. The last thing I want to do is beg for money. But in the last month of fundraising, it has been far from that! It’s been such a pleasure to sit down with so many people to share the vision of this ministry.  Almost everyone I have sat down with has been glad to come on board as a partner. But besides that, it is been great just to chat with people, to catch up with people that I haven’t talked to in a long time, and to meet some new people.  I’m still a little ways from reaching my goal, but I’m confident that I’ll get there by the end of the summer. If you’d like to become a partner, click here to give. 

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support. Please continue to pray for the partners we need to reach our financial goal! Pray also that our ministry will continue to be fruitful this summer. We have several beach outreaches planned, which are always fruitful and I’m looking forward to them.

God bless you and thank you! I pray for you often!


5 thoughts on “June Newsletter!

  1. I was in Nashville this past weekend and went “Downtown”. I believe what you are doing in these major cities may be far more difficult than a missionary in the Amazon! Keep doing what you do. The USA needs to turn back to God!!!
    Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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