How to Spank Your Kids [Video]

How should you go about spanking your kids? This video provides some practical advice.

I made this video due to the overwhelming response to my blog, How to Spank Your Kids the Right Way. Make sure you go back and read that if you haven’t already.

As a precursor to this video, make sure you go back and watch the video, Should I Spank My Kids?.  It is particularly important if you are unsure whether spankings are the right thing to do.


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4 thoughts on “How to Spank Your Kids [Video]

  1. Before you get to article 1 – you’ve already gone so offtrack with the bible verse you quoted .. “this means this, which actually means this” I hate that.
    Also, hell can also mean ‘eternal separation from God’. So behavior that you’re trying to correct could be behavior that would lead them to be separated from God.


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