April Newsletter!

Preaching in Baltimore

In April I spent a little more time in Baltimore. It’s nice to go somewhere different for a change. At the University, people are of a similar mindset, but Baltimore is much more of a mixed bag. We got a lot of encouragement in Baltimore, with people waving to us and many thumbs up and several, “thank you’s.” But more encouraging than that is some of the people we were able to minister to.

muslim man
This formerly Muslim man had a great testimony of how he came to Christ.


One exciting moment was when we met a former Muslim man from Morocco. We had hardly set up when he approached us with an encouraging story of what God is doing among those who grow up in a Muslim world. Though he was raised as a Muslim, he became disenfranchised with the religion as he saw the abuses that accompany a straightforward interpretation of its ‘holy’ texts. He noted the enormous amount of abuse that occurred all throughout the all Muslim world. His inner moral compass (giving to all people no matter their place of birth or upbringing) did not align with what he saw. And even though the price was great for departing from his faith, he did. After reading the Bible, he put his faith in the Lord Jesus!  Pray for him. He had to go back to his home country for a while where he faces possible charges of apostasy.

praying with woman
Prayer with a woman in Baltimore

In the same vein, on a different day in Baltimore, I encountered a Muslim man who was very interested in what I had to say. He stood unusually close to me as I was preaching and recorded me on his phone. After a good while, he waved as if he needed to go so I stopped preaching so I could speak with him. He also was raised in a Muslim country. He told me that he was Muslim but was still eager to hear what I had to say. I explained to him that we are all guilty of sinning against God and how forgiveness can only come through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. When I asked him if he had a hope of eternal life he admitted sincerely, “No, I’m lost.” I was able to pray with him and give him some literature. Pray that God would continue the good work that he began in him.


Preparing for Summer

University students are winding up their school year and summer is soon approaching.

We joined up with a fellow minister at the University of Maryland. Great crowd with good questions.

There will only be one more week of ministry on the college campus and then Katrina, the kids, and I are headed for a trip down the east coast. We hope to have a few ministry stops on the way, but ultimately we will end up in Florida for a few weeks. In Florida, we will be spending time with family and taking opportunities to minister there. After that, it will be to the beaches and the cities!


This year will be a bit different. We have been blessed with a pop-up camper (thank you!) and will be using that to bring the family along more often this summer. In summer’s gone by, I often had to spend time away from the family (something my wife doesn’t like!). But this year we will spend time ministering together (as much as our children will let us, that is!). But even if we can go out together, at least I will be able to come back to them in the evenings. It will be a blessing.

Partner with us

If you believe in this kind of ministry, pray about becoming a partner with us. God uses people just like you to help us reach people that would not be reached otherwise. Our only income is from generous hearts like yours whom God touches. Help us scatter the seed of the incorruptible Word of God in places where it is not often heard. Help us be a voice of grace and truth in the midst of so many negative voices. I know the power of God is real on the streets and boardwalks and college campus. Join us as we go by becoming a monthly partner! Visit our website for more information (CLICK HERE), or email me at halchaffee@gmail.com.

God bless you! Enjoy your summer!

2 thoughts on “April Newsletter!

  1. It is amazing how God finds His way into so many lives by ministers of His Holy word like you all. Thank you for your newsletter and it’s interesting stories of leading young people and people of other nationalities to the Lord. Praise Jesus for loving and forgiving us and for always being there. Keep up the good work.

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  2. Ammmm, Christianity has a lot of bad things too. I mean, it supports slavery, it’s homophobic, it’s sexist. There’s much much more.


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