May Newsletter 2018

Sliding into Summer

It’s always exciting as summer approaches. The weather gets hot, the heavy clothes get packed away, and people get to the beach! And that’s great news for street preachers because preaching on the boardwalk is one of the best ways to preach.

During the colder seasons, when people are about their business or at school, we are often preaching to people who are on their way somewhere: on their way to class, to work, to the house after a long days work. But on the boardwalk, no one is on their way anywhere. They are wandering up and down the boardwalk aimlessly, easily intrigued by whatever sight they may encounter.

Here’s where we come in. Although our artwork isn’t much to see, it never fails to catch the attention of passer-by’s. Using the paint board, we preach an illustrated message that clearly presents the gospel message. It’s quite easy to reach hundreds of people every night with the good news! And this is precisely what we are gearing up to do.

Time in Flordia

Every year, right before summer begins, my family and I head to Florida for a working vacation. My wife is from northern Florida and visiting the in-laws is a must if wish to keep my status as favorite son-in-law (kidding). We have developed some relationships in Florida that have been wonderful and it’s always a blessing to catch up with those whom we haven’t seen for awhile.

I also had the opportunity to speak several times in Florida, sharing the gospel and sharing what God is doing through this ministry. I had the opportunity to preach in adult services, to youth, and to children! I love to speak to them all!

During my time preaching in Florida, I felt impressed to continue on the theme of the resurrection of the dead. I preached about it in every place that I went. I preached about it to adults, youth, and children. I normally do not preach on the same thing more than once, but because it seems that so many are ignorant about this doctrine, I felt it necessary to preach the same message over and over again. Indeed, when I preached about it recently to a group of teenagers, I asked them, “How many of you are hearing about this for the very first time?” Almost all of them raised their hand. This basic doctrine is far too under-preached (see Hebrews 6:1-2). It’s vitally important that our thoughts are on the glories that are to come. It’s only when we consider these good things to come that we can put into proper perspective the difficult times we called to endure at this present time.

Did you know?

Did you know that this ministry is funded entirely by generous souls such as yourself? We are only able to go because God has called saints like you to send. We thank God for those who are already partnering with us, but we are still looking for others who with join our cause! Will you?

The Bible says that ‘he who gathered much had nothing left over and he who gathered little had no lack’ (2 Cor 8:15). God has called us to support one another. If God has given you abundance, prayerfully consider investing in the work that God has called us to do!

Join us as we go by becoming a monthly partner!

Visit our website for more information (, or email me at

God bless you! Enjoy your summer!

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