June / July Newsletter 2020

“Work with Your Own Hands”

In the last few months, my wife and I have learned the joy of what it means to ‘work with your own hands’ more than ever before. We both have always had jobs where we would work on the computer, do customer service, or, of course, ministry work. But we haven’t really done any building or creating with our hands until now. This experience has helped us to understand Paul’s admonition to the Thessalonians when he told them: ‘aspire to a quiet life, to mind your own business, and work with your own hands.’ This wasn’t a command given out of spite or cruelty, wishing the Thessalonians a miserable existence of hard labor; but it was a command given out of the knowledge of the joy that work can bring, especially work that comes from your own hands. While we are ultimately called to ministry, these last few months have been a lesson to us. God has put in his people creative powers. When his people create with their hands, they are imitating God, who formed man out of the clay.

Of course, we are not all called to labor full time with our hands. But this shouldn’t stop any of us from doing something with our hands on a regular basis. Whether it be building, painting, gardening, cleaning, etc. Working with our own hands should be something we all do. Many people miss out on this joy by taking too much time with TV, social media, video games, and the like. We need to put those things aside more often and take up working with our own hands in their place.

Our New Address

After selling our house, we took about a month in Florida to overhaul the motorhome. We have completed that project and are heading out the day after this was written. We will havre no property, but will be like Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, wondering about with no certain dwelling place. However, unlike Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, we will still have our PO Box! Any correspondence by mail can be had with us through that address, which is listed at the bottom of this page. Of course, we are also available via email, social media, and phone.  

Ministry Restart

After what I believe was a God-ordained lull in active ministry, we are now headed back into the fray.  I will be preaching next week in Maryland and have other ministry items also on the horizon.  Please pray for us as we walk this out. There are many unknowns ahead of us. We need you to cover us in prayer.

We live in a different world than just a few months ago. Tensions are higher than ever before, making gospel ministry that much harder, especially for those of us who are called specifically to the unsaved. When the minds of the people are excited over national tensions, it is difficult to turn their attention towards spiritual things, even though they are infinitely more important. 

We need revival more than ever before. It is the only way that this nation can be saved. And it is likely the nation will not be saved. However, souls can still be saved, and that is what is most important. Let us not forget that. 

Begin to pray for revival, if you haven’t already. Revival can come, but we must be willing to pray for it and work for it. Will you join me in praying? Ask God to soften our hearts, to turn our attention away from the world, to give us a heart for the lost, to heal our land. If we seek Him, He has promised to come. Let us pray that one last Great Awakening will stir our land!

Hal Chaffee Ministries

PO Box 1546

Elkton, MD 21922

Visit halchaffee.com/partnergive to give online. 

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