Is Ravi Zacharias in Hell?

During his lifetime, I regarding Ravi Zacharias as one of the leading voices in Christianity. He brought an eloquence and a kind of thinking that was respected across the world. Yet now, after his passing, disturbing revelations have come forth about the person he really was behind the scenes. He wasn’t at all what he seemed to be. How can we understand these things, and what does the Bible say about these things? I address things in this video.

(I have another video on this subject as well. You can click here to check it out after you watch this one.)

Links I referred to in this video:

Mike Winger’s analysis of what happened:

Report of Independent Investigation into Sexual Misconduct of Ravi Zacharias:

10 thoughts on “Is Ravi Zacharias in Hell?

  1. Hal, I have asked myself this same question about a million times over the past few weeks. It has bothered me deep in my soul as I struggle with it. I did not hold Ravi on a pedastol but I did love listening to his messages. I did hold him in high esteem but the passage that just keeps ringing in my head is 1 Corinthians 6:9-13. When people ask why practicing homosexuals cannot be a born again Christian, we go straight to these verses. But isn’t Ravi in these verses too? Homosexuallity may be different in that its not natural but this passage of scripture puts what I believe is the practicing adulter in the same basket as the practicing homosexual. It clearly says they will not inherit the kingdom of God. Your thoughts on this passage?


    1. Hi Bryan, I think that Paul wrote those verses precisely for this reason, so that we would not mistake his teachings on grace as so many do. The gospel is a gracious call to forsake sin and to obey God, that we might have eternal life. We are saved the instant we answer that call, for it is by grace that we are saved, it is the gift of God. Then we walk the narrow road with our brothers and sisters in Christ, fighting the good fight that we might endure to the end and receive our reward. However, if we fail to heed his warnings for vigilance, the tempter will come in and our labors will have been in vain. This is why we can’t be ‘high minded,’ but we must fear, for if we do not continue in His goodness, we will be cut off (Romans 11:20). God is very merciful and will forgive us if we fall, but only if we thoroughly repent. Those who cling to their sin, however, risk being hardened and blinded to the point of no return, as I mentioned in my video.


  2. I only heard Ravi Zacharias once , but there was something about him that was disturbing to me. In my spirit I thought he was arrogant and not believable. I do not follow any person, only the Bible and Jesus Christ. This type of scandals never shatter my faith. I only follow the Holy Trinity. If a minister came on to me like he did, I would have exposed him immediately and probably would have slapped him so hard he would never forget it. To take and use the Word of God to his benefit makes me sick. He was nothing but a fake and the Bible talks about Ministers like this. Lord Lord…I never knew you. Not surprised by this.


  3. Hello
    If Ravi didn’t repent and have faith in Jesus the Christ as fully God and raised Himself on the 3rd day no one would be saved.
    I take umbridge in one thing you said, that Ravi sinned against people. One can’t sin against a human, one can only sin against a Holy God. Psalm 51v4


    1. Yes, in one sense we sin only against God. But in another since we can sin against people (see Gen. 42:22; 1 Sam. 19:4–5; 2 Chron. 6:22; Matt. 18:21; 1 Cor. 8:12)


  4. The other thing this has opened our eyes to is accountability for spiritual leaders. Did Ravi Zacharias worship regularly or was his schedule so that it was nearly impossible? (Red flag). And did he arrange his own schedule? Why didn’t a world traveled preacher have a home church? (Red flag.) Who did he answer to spiritually in this life? Merely a board of directors including many from his family? (Red flag.)


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