January Newsletter 2022

New Stomping Grounds.

Now that school is back in session, I have had the privilege of ministering regularly at the University of Florida. It has been a great experience! In contrast to the University of Delaware, I am able to freely ministry right on campus, in the midst of the students, with no trouble from the authorities. (At the University of Delaware, I had to stay on the public sidewalk near the university). And whether it be from this more favorable location, or whether it is due to the novelty of my newly arrived presence, or simply due to the disposition of the students–whatever it may be–many students here have been willing, and even eager, to engage with me. I’ve had no shortage of students to talk with and preach to, often going on with them longer than planned. Ministry has been very good this month and I am grateful to God for the opportunity to speak into so many lives. God has opened this door and I seek to take advantage of it for the glory of the kingdom.

I hope to update you next month on news of ministry at Florida State University, and perhaps other places. Pray that the Lord would guide us to the right places to do this type of ministry.

continued below…

Chaffee Family Update

We have decided to pursue residence here in Florida. We believe this is where we need to be, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, we plan to purchase a home here. Katrina’s parents have been ever so gracious to share their land. We plan to purchase a mobile home to put on their property. Please pray for us as we search for the right home and that the funds we need to make such a purchase will come in.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, this spot in Florida is a great location for street ministry. Although it’s a bit of a drive, I can access a good spot an hour in any direction. Since gas prices are so high, I’ve retrofitted my 15 passenger van to serve as an RV of sorts in order to spend the night one day a week in the city where I’m preaching. This saves me about $120 a month in fuel. Plus, I have a nice place to pray and study on location. I’m currently having to pay for parking when I minister at the University of Florida, so I’m looking for any connections that anyone might have that could secure a free spot for me. If you have any connections, please contact me.

As far as our mailing address, I am still receiving mail in Maryland and will continue to do so until further notice. I have someone collecting the mail for me. I will be sure to notify everyone when I have a change of mailing address.

Fundraising Push

As the Lord directs, we will be soon seeking to raise our budget of $54,000 per year in reoccurring monthly donations. We have a ways to go to reach this goal. Please consider coming along with us by partnering monthly with this ministry. And pray for us! Click here to give.

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