February Newsletter 2022

Turbulent times.

It seems to be one thing after another in our world today, as if the world is groaning in birth pangs. It’s as a pregnant woman who only gets a short respite before another painful contraction comes upon her. We’ve had years of COVID–now we have war. What will be next? Will things slow down to normal again? or will we ever have normal again? I can’t say for sure, but my guess is that it is not likely. What I do know is that there will be an increasing temptation to veer off course from our God-given call. We will be ever more tempted to take up political causes rather than the cause of Christ. We will be tempted to make enemies of flesh and blood rather than fight ‘the rulers of the darkness of this age.’ Others will be tempted to retreat to safety, to stay away from as much of the world as possible. There will be temptation to seek the safety of our families rather than seeking the kingdom of God. We will be tempted to ‘save our own life’ rather than losing it for the sake of Christ and for His gospel. But we must remember that if we do that we have only assurance that we will lose it. If we lose our lives for His cause and for His sake, then we will save it for eternal life (Matthew 16:25).

In these troubled times we must determine to seek God more fervently than ever before. We must not think that our victory will be political, for the Bible clearly says that, in the last days, our political fight will be lost. This doesn’t mean that we should forsake righteousness in the public domain, but it means that we need to recognize that true victory is in winning a soul to Christ. Heaven doesn’t rejoice over a political victory. It rejoices over one sinner who repents!

Florida and Florida State

In February I spent time both at the University of Florida and at Florida State University. They are arch rivals when it comes to sports, but on the same team when it comes to spiritual issues. On whatever campus I’ve been, team devil is hard at work, spreading lies and deceit. God has His remnant, of course, but most students are walking in such great darkness that no worldview but their own has ever been considered for even a second. This is why it’s so important for us to be there. Many don’t like us (they didn’t like Jesus either), but there is always those who are quietly listening, and the Lord is speaking to their heart. I tell people that it’s not the person I’m arguing with that I’m reaching, it’s the ones that aren’t saying anything. It’s the ones that are listening to both sides and hearing the gospel in a way that they may not have ever heard it before. God is dealing with those people. And it’s those people who stop to talk one on one afterwards.

An example of this is one young man who stopped to listen for a while. He didn’t say anything while I was preaching and arguing with the crowd. But afterward he spoke with me and thanked me. He said he was a Christian but was not going to a church. I told him of a church on campus. He said confidently, “I’m going to church this Sunday!” Praise the Lord! God uses these times to reach those that we might not expect. And who knows how many others are reached that never speak with us. Some seeds take some time to grow to maturity.

Support us!

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