April Newsletter 2022

College Season Coming to a Close

April marked the end of the semester at the University. I ended up spending almost all of my time at the University of Florida. It was the most convenient school to get to, and, because of a gracious host, I had a place to stay the night beside in my van. I also had a never ending stream of students to talk to (as you can see from the pictures). Each day I am able to speak with about a dozen students. Most of the time the conversations are deep and meaningful. I opened the Word of God to them and answered their questions. Most of the time they have misconceptions or hang ups that are easily answered. Each stumbling block that I can remove leaves the devil with less tools in his toolbox of deception. These students are in a formative time. They are hearing only a one sided approach to religion an philosophy at school. I help provide a bigger picture, and space for the Holy Spirit to apply the sword of the Word to the heart. I look forward to being back with them soon.

Summer Approaches

The summer is beginning for me now. I’m taking a couple of weeks to build out a new office space for myself from a portable building (a shed). I’m going to finish the inside and turn it into an office/studio. This is a much needed space for me to get away to for study and prayer. If I’ve learned anything over the years it is the importance of maintaining a consistent and regular devotional life. Whenever this wanes, everything wanes. As I heard one preacher say: “Little prayer, little power; much prayer, much power.” We all need God’s power in our lives to accomplish His will. Without prayer, we won’t have it. I know this of a certainty, both from the Word and abundant experience.

The rest of the summer is going to be a challenge. I still am not certain exactly what I’ll be doing. The university does have some limited summer classes, so I’ll see how that might work. Besides that, I’m going to poke around at some different ideas, seeing what will work the best. Pray that the Lord will open doors for me. I will keep you updated.

Thank you for your continual prayers. When you pray in sincerity, I am greatly helped. I need that help.

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